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review by stimmyabby

This book is an enjoyable, rhythmic read that will get you lost in the ordinary details of life. Craig writes about everything from playing the piano (“I remember the elation/ of discovering sound,/ of producing combinations of/ pitches,/ listening to overtones,/ like waves pulsing through/ my ears”) to watching the fire (“Now it is dying/ and glowing coals/ remind me of sleep.”) to typing and grappling with pity (“When I type, how agonizing is the wait/ between the beginning and the end!/ Sometimes I slow down and stop,/ just to watch people stiffen and get restless./ They probably pity me,/ the poor one-fingered communicator,/ but I pity them too.”) to lying awake at night wondering about what could have been (“Would people have elected me to societies/ and wanted me for a prom date?/ Would they have marveled at my creativity and intelligence/ instead of expecting me to prove them/ over and over again?”)